Having recently played bass with The Who at the Olympics closing ceremony, Morgan is now in pre-production for Muse's 'The 2nd Law' Tour, and finishing his second solo album.

The album, most of which was written and recorded on the road with Muse in early 2011, is scheduled to be completed by Christmas 2012.

Track 1 : Moonlight Rhino
(The opening baritone Ukulele part was recorded in Dom Howard from Muse's garden in LA, then eventually transferred via a "Brunel mini 8 to 1" tape back in London, before the other parts were eventually recorded.)

The animated video was made by Simon Bennett at Banoffee Sky.

The Moonlight Rhino design was kindly drawn and donated by the well known British artist Mike McInnerney

100% of the proceeds from the Moonlight Rhino T-shirt will be donated to Save the Rhino International.

Born at St George's Hospital in central London , Morgan grew up in East Twickenham , South West London. He began playing drums and guitar during his teens and then while still at school joined The Senseless Things on bass.

Then went on to tour with bands including...
Vent 414
The Streets
Lily Allen

Morgan released Organized on Source Records in 2000, and produced, engineered and performed recordings including:

Still Crazyfilm: Hammond organ

Queen Adreena - LP
Embrace - Remix
Billy Nicholls - Penumbra Moon - LP
Adam Masterson - Clash cover for Uncut Magazine
'Bill and Ben The flowerpot men' Back Again kids tv album (BBC)
Billy Nicholls -'Still Entwined' LP
Ben Gallagher -LP (RG records)
Streetmates TV theme (Channel 4)
Big Boss Man'Winner' LP (Blow Up)
Paul Weller'the bottle' remix with Big Boss Man
A Man Called Gerald - album pre production
Roger Daltrey - various demos
Roy Ayres - 'Every Body Loves the Sunshine' - Radio edit (rapster)
Mum Raa: Song E
Scubaroots: Babylon Pharmacy
Screwtop Detonators: various tracks
Boxheads: Short Film by William Nicholls
Breaking Pointe theme: En Pointe
Rock and Roll Fucking Lovely: Soundtrack
Film released sept 2012

Misc Bass performances:
The london W Hotel launch in 2011 with Zac Starky, Roger Daltrey, Jay Mehler and Mick Jones
The Who at the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony.