Senseless Things

Up and Coming EP (UK Way Cool) 1988
Is It Too Late? EP (UK Decoy) 1990
Postcard C.V. (UK Way Cool) 1990
Easy to Smile EP (UK Epic) 1991
The First of Too Many (Epic) 1991
Empire of the Senseless (UK Epic) 1993
Christine Keeler EP (UK Epic) 1994
Something to Miss EP (UK Epic) 1994
Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit/Dutch East India Trading) 1994
Taking Care of Business (UK Epic) 1996
The Singles (UK Epic) 1998

Also Appears On
1997 Revolution No. 9: A Tribute to the Beatles
1993 Great Xpectations Live
1992 Ruby Trax: The NME's Roaring 40
1992 Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler