3 Track EP
Moonlight Rhino, Balloon Busting, Sydney Sunset : 1.25

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Moonlight Rhino EP:

Written, Recorded and Produced by Morgan Nicholls
(The opening baritone Ukulele part was recorded in Dom Howard from Muse's garden in LA, then eventually transferred via A Brunel mini 8 to 1" tape back in London, before the other parts were eventually recorded.)

Morgan Nicholls: Baritone ukulele, Bass and vocals
Drums: Rich De Rosa
Cornet: Dan "The Trumpet Man" Newell
Sousaphone, Trombone: Bob Dowel
String arrangement: Bob Dowel & Morgan Nicholls
Strings: Violin: Gita Harcourt & Cello: Laura Anstee

Mastered by Ade at: Table Of Tone Mastering

"Balloon Busting"
Written & recorded by Morgan Nicholls
Drums: Pete Howard
Acoustic, Bass, Hammond Organ: Morgan Nicholls

" Sydney Sunset "
Waterloo Sunset as written by Ray Davies
(..cover recorded in a hotel room in Sydney for Sahara on the big day out tour 2010) Baritone Ukulele & Vocals :Morgan Nicholls

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